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Kamis, 05 Maret 2009

Dynabook Satellite T10 Driver

Dynabook Satellite T10 was released by June 2003 in Japan. That time Satellite T10 have a price about 155.000 yen - 211.000 yen. All of Dynabook satellite T10 series use Operating System Windows XP Professional Service Pack 1a. Satellite T10 150L/5 and T10 150 L/4 have CPU with processor Intel Pentium M 1.5 GHz. satellite T10 130C/5 and T10 130C/4 have CPU with processor Intel Celeron M 1.3 Ghz.

Dynabook Satellite T10 150L/5 and 150L/4 have 256 Mb or PC 2700 DDR SDRAM. You can add memory until 2 GB if you would. But for type Satellite 130C/5 and 130C/4 only until 1 GB for PC 2100 DDR SD RAM. All of T10 have Hard Disk with capacity 20 GB and CD ROM. For Internet Connectivity Satellite T10 have LAN and Modem, but not have Wireless.

For Dynabook Satellite T10 Driver you can follow this link.

- Dynabook Satellite T10 LAN Driver
- Dynabook Satellite T10 VGA Driver
- Dynabook Satellite T10 Sound Driver
- Dynabook Satellite T10 Modem Driver

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