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Senin, 01 Juni 2009

Toshiba Dynabook C8 Driver

Dynabook C8 is silver laptop that released in Japan on June 2003. Have 4 model C8/213LDDW, C8/213LMEW, C8/21DCMEN, C8/21CMHN.

C8/213LDDW model and C8/213LMEW model using Intel Pentium M 1.30 GHz and Memory 256Mb PC2100 DDR SDRAM. You can upgrade that memory RAM until 1 GB.
C8/21DCMEN model and C8/21DCMHN model using Intel Celeron 1.26 GHz and Memory 256Mb PC133 SDRAM you can upgrade until 1 GB.

If you search for Dynabook C8 Series Driver you can follow this link:

- Toshiba Dynabook C8 VGA Driver
- Toshiba Dynabook C8 Wireless Driver
- Toshiba Dynabook C8 LAN Driver
- Toshiba Dynabook C8 Modem Driver
- Dynabook C8 Sound Driver
- Dynabook C8 TouchPad Driver part1 part2
- Dynabook C8 SD Card Driver

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