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Jumat, 22 Januari 2010

Buying Japan Used Laptop

If you have ever visited Japan or lived in there, maybe you will buy some electronic gadget or Japan laptop. In many places such as Akihabara and Osukannon, you can find them easily. Some people get there to buy used laptop. They bought it because Japan used laptop was known as good thing with high quality and low price.

There are some tips that you should consider before buying used laptop.

1.Be sure laptop can turn on.
2.Be sure all of its keyboards can be used well.
3.Be sure laptop which you want to buy can use Operating System which you want to install into it.
4.Be sure you have the laptop driver, so it can be used well.

Good luck, may you find good thing with good price.

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The Japan Laptop Makes

There are 4 laptop makes which are usually sold in used good stores in Japan. They are Toshiba, Fujitsu, NEC and IBM. Among them, NEC is make which you should consider before buying it, because NEC is difficult enough to be found its driver. So, be sure NEC laptop in condition turning on with its Operating System.

If you aren’t used to using Japanese Operating System, you can reformat and reinstall your laptop to use English Operating System. For Windows XP, First download WinBackUp Driver software and install to your laptop. Then back up the driver and burn it to a Blank CD that you have. Reformat and reinstall your laptop. After laptop was installed open Control Panel – System – Hardware – Device Manager. Press right click at icon marked by yellow exclamation point, then choose update driver. Browse driver files from that you have burnt the laptop drivers into it.

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