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Senin, 25 Oktober 2010

Find Your Laptop Driver

Sometimes due to various things we need to find our laptop drivers, either because they were not included CD / DVD, downgrade to Windows XP or when it only included Windows Vista and other drivers.

The following list of links to download the drivers of laptop / notebook popular.

Before looking for drivers notebook / laptop important thing to note is the brand and type of product. Brand usually written near the LCD screen, on the front cover or around the keyboard as well as type. Often also the type listed at the bottom of the notebook either written in sticker or written directly on the laptop.

By knowing the brands and types of notebook / laptop, then try looking for drivers from the official venfor as follows:

* Acer ( TravelMate, Extensa, Ferrari, Aspire)
* ASUS, Asus
* Compaq ( Evo, Armada, Concerto, Mini, LTE, Presario, dll)
* HP ( Pavilion, Omnibook, HP Compaq, dll)
* Lenovo (ThinkPad, IdeaPad, 3000 series)
* Toshiba ( Dynabook, Portege, Tecra, Satellite, Qosmio, Libretto )
* Dell ( Inspiron, Latitude, Precision, Studio, Vostro, XPS,Studio XPS)
* Sony ( VAIO: FJ Series, UX, TZ, NR, SZ, CR, FZ, dan AR series)
* Forsa (Carnaval, Debut, TravelPac )
* BenQ (Joybook )
* MSI (Micro-Star International)
* Advan
* NEC (Versa, LitePad, Classic, LX, SX dll)
* A*note

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Kamis, 21 Oktober 2010

How to Install Windows XP on Japan Laptop

Before you reinstall your computer or laptop, some devices required are laptop or computer that will be installed, Windows XP original CD installer, and some CD drivers your laptop or computer.

The first step you turn on your laptop and put the windows installer CD into CD Drive. The CD must be inserted before the computer boot, if you are already entered into windows, restart your laptop. Wait a few moments until You can read on the laptop screen:

Press any key to boot from CD ...

Press any key to boot your laptop from the CD. A moment later the laptop you will download the loading of files on the CD Installer. Wait until on the laptop screen you can see the text "Welcome to Setup" thenpress Enter to continue / resume. On the next screen you will be asked for approval by the Microsoft Corporation, press F8 if you agree and want to continue the installation process.

On the next page we will be shown that there are partitions on the hard disk on your laptop. If you want to reformatting the partition, because of certain reasons such as a virus, etc. then highlight the partition that you want to delete and re-format and press D to delete the partition. Select the back part that is not partitioned and then create a partition to the size you like.

Highlight the partition you want to install windows into it (recommended C:), press Enter. On the next page select the NTSC may be a quick or not, press Enter. Laptops you will get in on the process of formatting your hard disk. Wait a few moments after formatting the hard disk is completed the laptop you will download the installer copies the files from the CD into your laptop. After the installer files was copied laptop will reboot automatically.

Leave the laptop until the display appears choose the regional setting. If you want a laptop you can be supporting Kanji click Customize and select Menu Languages and check the option Japanese and Chinese language. Then click OK, the laptop will copy some additional files approximately 230 Mb.

And if you had a laptop keyboard you want to be Japanese and write Kanji, click again and select Customize Menu Languages and then click Details. Click Add and enter the Keyboard Japan into the box. Change Default from English into Japanese.

Return to Regional Settings menu, click Next to continue the installation process. A few moments later you will be asked your name and organization. Then you will be asked for the serial number of the Windows XP product you have purchased. After that you will be asked for setting the hours and days, the content according to time in force at that time. Click Next and you will be given the option Typical Settings and Custom Settings, select Typical Settings.

When finished click OK Nexk or so you will see the writing

"Welcome to Microsoft Windows"

Congratulations Installation Process has been successful, for then you will do some endings of the installation process ..

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